November 12, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 38

I feel so ashamed to be a blogging hound right now. There are things that are forgivable and there are things that we ought to be put in our crates for, and this is one of those second things.

I am late for Famous Basset Hound Friday. Again. It's actually Saturday night and here we are blogging about yesterday's news.


But it isn't my fault! I had the words all ordered up in my hound mind last night, and I was yelping and whimpering at daddy, saying 'Hey get your lazy butt off the couch! Our fans await! Well my fans await, nobody really cares about you on this blog anyway! You are just a comedic foil!'

By the way a comedic foil is someone who is always the butt of the joke. Sounds like daddy to me!

Anyway, you can guess from us not blogging last night what daddy did instead of helping me. He slept on the couch with Layla. So here we are one night late and I have to apologize because our fans were probably disappointed. So to make it up let me introduce this week's famous hound. He is a good one.

His name is wworm! Well that is his online name, I suspect he may have a different real name, sort of like how sometimes famous authors use different names when they want to write a book. Either way wworm is definitely a famous hound. He has his own blog just like me, and he is very popular at the basset hound online forum that we belong to called Cyberhound. wworm is also a good flirter and all the girl hounds really like him. To be honest I'm kind of jealous. Mom and dad say I am a handsome hound but there really aren't any hound ladies around to be friends with. He also won a drawing contest and got his picture drawn by a very skilled artist. All my pictures are just the regular camera kind. wworm also gets dressed up for Howl-o-ween like we do.

wworm needs to eat more he's all skin and bones! Comedy is in my bones!

wworm also had to take swimming lessons and he had a birthday party and everything. So wworm is obviously a famous hound!


  1. Good choice! We love Worm (and yes, he has a real name...but I'll never reveal it).

    <3 Molly McFrecks (that's the name Wormie calls me lol)

  2. Hmmmmm-sounds like your publicist took a night off instead of doing what he was supposed to be doing. look at wworm! We love his shirt!

  3. Hey, thanks man! (my muzzle's turning red)

    I agree, comedy IS in your bones, and we can't wait to see the next Swimsuit Edition. The first one was SO funny! all my relatives said that you and your Pa were such smart & clever writers.

    and Rosco-- thanks for advocating for more food for me-- I owe you one.
    --hi five,