January 27, 2012

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 45

So it is time for another Famous Basset Hound Friday. Daddy and I had a little discussion about this one. He thought we should do a non-blogging basset this week because "we don't want to develop a pattern". I told him that I was the creative heart and soul of Famous Basset Hound Friday and he should just do the typing and leave important work like thinking to us hounds.

So this week's Famous Hound is one of our very own basset GQ's! His name is Boomer! He lives in Nebraska! And he writes his own blog, with a very creative name! Cheeze Boomer! Daddy tells me it is actually pronounced 'shae', but I like Cheeze better! Cheeze is delicious, and it evidently comes out of cans!

But enough about delicious food! This week's Famous Hound has some wonderful news! He has a new sister named Biscuit! Boomer and Biscuit! It almost sounds like a delicious breakfast! 'Why yes I'll have the Boomer Biscuit, with Cheeze.' Uh oh I am back to delicious food again!

Biscuit is a rescued hound (yay Boomer and Biscuit's mom!) who joined the family yesterday. She is a petite hound who likes to run and play with her brother. I remember how I felt when Layla came to live with me. It was great having someone to play with! Although Layla was not that petite... but anyway! Plus Boomer is a tricolor like me and Biscuit is a red and white like Layla. Boomer and Biscuit are our newest famous hounds!

The dynamic duo

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  1. Awww, thanks for writing such a nice blog entry about Boomer and Biscuit! She has become such a part of our family in the very short time she has been here, it's like she has always belonged.