A Cast of Thousands

VB3 - Wildlife biologist, humorous writer, aspiring photographer, Bringer of Food and Water and Diet Coke, enslaved by dogs and cats and a wife.

Mama - The best person in the whole house/universe, the seat of choice for hound and feline alike, the giver of food and treats, and the matron of belly rubs.

Beaker - Half-siamese and the sole female cat in a house of feline testosterone, Beaker's persona is more or less bitchy nearly all the time.  Her responsibilities at Jowls of Fury are to provide weekly installments of "Weird Word Wednesday", which are entries about human idioms and how idiotic they are.  She's not too concerned with deadlines, though...

Bunsen - Lover, snuggler, and all-around good cat.  He is pretty laid-back and very friendly, but he does tend to take advantage of cats who have been drugged.  His responsibilities here at Jowls of Fury are to provide weekly updates on televised advertisements via "Stupid TV Commercial Sunday".

Oliver - Hailing from a tiny pocket of Amish country in southern Michigan, Oliver is essentially a pain in the butt.  Has taken to uttering a shrieking yowl for the hell of it lately, and enjoys picking fights with other cats (which he loses).  A regular shoulder-jockey, his responsibilities are few and far between.

Nibbler - Nibbler comes to us from Shreveport, Louisiana, where he was mere inches from becoming snake food or pit bull training fodder.  He was saved by his mama, and now enjoys the good life of lovin' and shakey-mouse fetching.  Or at least he used to, back in the Bd days (Before dogs).  Not one to hide his discontent over his current living conditions, Nibs is quick to rake his target over the coals.  He doesn't have any real responsibilities here, which he takes full advantage of.

Korbin - A rescue cat from southern Illinois.  Big, fluffy, and a bit of an aggressive lover, Korbin will not hesitate to nibble on someone if they are/are not petting him to his satisfaction.  Alas, long hair also leads to big hair mats, and Korbin is periodically shaved to deal with this problem.  Still, he is the most laid-back cat in the house, but he does enjoy picking fights with Beaker.

Rosco - One-third of the Jowls of Fury front page picture, Rosco is the resident insane cracker dog, running from room to room at a moment's notice for no discernible reason.  He is extremely jealous of any other animal who is receiving any tangible (or intangible) thing that he wants, and he regularly rockets into someone's lap if they happen to be petting another animal.  Very fond of car rides, chew bones, and his buddies Max and Maggie, Rosco is at heart a great dog.  His responsibilities here include updating us on the weekly 'Famous Basset Hound Friday'.

Layla - Another third of the Jowls of Fury front page picture, Miss Layla is our rescue hound and ALL diva.  A bit heavier than Rosco, she snowplows her way around and basically gets whatever she wants.  Also a master of manipulation, Layla often accomplishes her basset goals through less-than-honest methods.  A world-class snuggler, she took to the good life about 60 seconds after coming through the door, curling up next to her new mama and falling promptly to sleep.

Breezy - The newest hound at Jowls of Fury, Breezy joined us after a twist of fate.  She has settled in and is the resident howler - being part beagle helps her hit maximum volume.  She is even capable of howling Rosco to the ground, which is quite the accomplishment.  Breezy has no problem letting you know when she feels you need to be petting her.