August 20, 2013

Just not fair

We don't get played with as much anymore.  That dumb baby gets all the attention.  And I don't get to lick his dirty feet.  I also get told not to sniff his butt.  Well I can't help it that is where the most interesting smells are!  Plus he gets all kinds of cool toys.

I wish I could play in that but noooo

Mama says he will grow up and want to play and snuggle with us.  I guess that will be OK, that is the only reason I am letting him stick around.  I can always use a new snuggle buddy.

August 17, 2013

An update

It has been so long since I posted to Jowls of Fury, I had nearly forgotten about it.  Hard to believe!  Me!  The hound who lived for this blog!  Well, my life has been very hectic since our last post.  I've had a lot on my hound mind.

First off, we were all very sad back in February.  Mr. Beau passed away, he had gotten very ill right after his last post and didn't want to worry anyone.  Daddy was out of town and when he returned he took Beau to the dog park one last time - we didn't get to go, but it was OK, because Beau deserved to have that one time to himself - and then he took him to the vet.  That's where Beau went to what they call the Rainbow Bridge.  I myself don't like to think about it.  Breezy took it kind of hard too, she hasn't slept well since.

RIP Mr. Beau

But life goes on.  Mr. Beau was a nice older gentlehound and he taught me a lot.  It was later in February that we got a ton, and I mean a TON, of snow.  It was higher than our heads!  Daddy cleared a path in the snow for us but it was still not very convenient to go outside and do our business.

Next time, make the path WIDER.  Bassets experience road rage.

Mama and Daddy bought a new houndmobile, we were very happy to see it had a TON of room to sprawl out.  That way we didn't have to hit each other in the legs while we slept.  But the windows are higher so it is difficult to look at the world going by.  Tradeoffs.

So much leg roooooooooooooooooooooom

We went to both our grandma's houses later in the year.  I always enjoy grandma's, because I get to see Max and Maggie.  It was about that time I noticed mama's tummy was getting bigger.  At first I thought she was just eating more food but she got really sensitive about me jumping on it.  Plus the visits to grandma's houses ended when we came home with a ton of stuff, and none of it for hounds.  Well, late one night Mama and Daddy disappeared.  They didn't come home at all that night.  I was very worried.  One of their friends came over to let us out and then put us in our crates.  Daddy came home the next morning to let us out and feed us...  and he smelled...  funny.  This went on for two days, then Mama came home.  Her belly had shrunk!  We assumed she went and saw the doctor about it and got fixed up.  But for the next month or so they left us alone a LOT.  Neither of them were working either!  And the both had that funny smell, I couldn't figure out what it was.

Well.  One day they brought home a new baby.  So that explains that.

You can see how happy we were

The new baby got all the attention.  We weren't allowed to lick him.  He takes up Mama's lap ALWAYS.  And he makes more noise than we do sometimes.  It has gotten a little better and Mama and Daddy are paying some more attention to us.  I guess it just took them a little while to get used to the baby.  He wakes them up every night to eat!  All he does it eat and poop and scream.  Like a stupid cat.

Yes we were all very happy to have this come to our house

So that pretty much brings you all up to date on what is happening at the Jowls of Fury household.  There are a few more things but I am going to let someone else talk about it.