August 20, 2013

Just not fair

We don't get played with as much anymore.  That dumb baby gets all the attention.  And I don't get to lick his dirty feet.  I also get told not to sniff his butt.  Well I can't help it that is where the most interesting smells are!  Plus he gets all kinds of cool toys.

I wish I could play in that but noooo

Mama says he will grow up and want to play and snuggle with us.  I guess that will be OK, that is the only reason I am letting him stick around.  I can always use a new snuggle buddy.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear how hard it is Layla, but my person says she agrees, it'll all be wirth it in the end.
    Me myself has never been in your situation of having a baby live with us, so I really can't say I know exackly what it's like. Sounds challenging tho.