December 22, 2012


Why do basset hounds need to be the official mascot for this ridiculous product?  And why does it say 'large' on it?  

It's an outrage!

December 13, 2012

My recent visit to grandma's house

I guess I will write about Thanksgiving, since all the other hounds are too busy sleeping to do any real blogging.  It is a shame that an old hound like me has to take the time to do the work that younger hounds should be doing.  It wasn't like this in my day.

We went to grandma's house for Thanksgiving and got to see the family.  I was happy to see everyone again, but I did not care for the long car ride.  Breezy is always a bit of a drama queen and makes a big fuss if anyone bumps into her.  She needs to get over herself.

Drama queen

There is all kinds of wildlife at Grandma's, both inside and out.  There are lots of cats and dogs there, and most of them are polite enough to leave me alone.  Grandpa builds me my own personal ramp when I'm there.  I like it, but it is a bit of a challenge to go down due to how slippery it can be.  It is even worse in the snow.  And we did get a little snow, and all the dogs had fun in it.  I'm not much of a snow hound being a dignified southern basset gentleman.  We didn't get that much snow where I'm from.

Layla is built for this stuff

Of course the other hounds all went ballistic and ran all over the place.

Rosco has lost his potential dignified basset status because of this picture

Layla and Breezy behaving very unlady-hound-like

This is how a dignified hound does it

We all had a good time, but we eventually had to go back home.  But we will see grandma's family again before too long.

December 8, 2012

Son of the Christmas Pig Monster

I had not realized it was Christmas time again.  Normally you get a warning like snow or cold weather but it has been pretty warm and there has been no snow.  Daddy killed a deer and has killed some ducks so we know it was fall, but I mean we were at the dog park only a few weeks ago!  But Christmas time means Christmas Pig Monster time.  I was really happy last year because the duct tape job that mama and daddy did to patch him up did not hold up so well and they had to throw him away.  Life seemed to be much safer. But then they started dragging out Christmas time stuff, and like any safety-minded hound, I got a little concerned.  You just never know.

 What are you putting up this year?  It isn't...  pig-related, is it?

Well, I am sorry to report that they bought ANOTHER Christmas Pig Monster.  I call him 'Son of the Christmas Pig Monster'.  He is just as evil and stupid as his evil and stupid father.  They put him out there this morning.
Damn it

I was not a happy hound.


The horror