March 25, 2012

Stupid TV Commercial Sunday # 42

A pretty short blog entry for Stupid TV Commercial Sunday this week.

Now I don't eat macaroni and cheese - but if I did, I would have some severe reservations about continuing the habit, given that you evidently need to have mild brain damage to do so.

March 23, 2012

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 51

Wow it has been quite awhile since we did a Famous Basset Hound Friday. We have been very busy with vet visits and outdoorsy stuff, but really we have just been lazy. Well daddy has been lazy. You know how it goes.

But we are back! With a new famous hound! His name is Byron Basset and he is another animated hound!

Byron and his nemesis Elmyra

Byron was on the show Tiny Toons, which are about midget regular toons. Byron fit right in, being a short hound. He was a hound of few words, and was capable of flying and protected baby birds from evil cats. This sounds like a good hound to me, we face off against our evil cat siblings all the time. He also liked to eat whole turkeys and he even ate a bunny toon. I have not had the chance to eat bunnies but I am open to the option.

So that is our latest famous hound! Oh yeah! And! Beau and I are both feeling better, neither of our faces are puffy anymore!

March 21, 2012

Now he has a puffy face

Poor Beau, he cannot catch a break. I feel sorry for him because he has had to go to the vet's for the last 3 weeks in a row, and he missed out on the dog park the other day. His face is all puffy and his eyes are leaking goo. Mama took him to the vet with Oliver and he has to take medicine and have stuff put in his eyes. I hope he feels better, because I am tired of smelling vet on him.

That looks uncomfortable

March 16, 2012

I have a sick nose

Boy we have been really bad about blogging lately. Daddy has been so busy working we haven't been able to even wake him up to do our blogging for us. He falls asleep on the couch and he is so easy to lay on at that point that it just doesn't get done. It's good for the basset soul but bad for the basset blog.

We have had to get mama to blog a few times, as you saw the other day when she helped Beau write about what a handsome hound I am. Well today daddy took me to the vet. I swear I think he wants me not to like him anymore. He also took Oliver, and let me just say that cat is really bizarre.

Look at how calm he is... doesn't he realize we are at the vet's?

When he poops lately he screams a lot. We try and go in and investigate but of course there is a gate in the way. Well Oliver had to get a shot today and I had to go along because apparently I have an infected hound nose.

It doesn't look infected to me... I think I will survive...

Well of course I hate the vet's. I was very watchful of any doors because that is where the vets surprise you.

I'm ready this time

But this vet wasn't so bad, he talked all nice to me and gave me a treat and rubbed me. Then he stuck a piece of glass against my nose and left. When he came back he said I had white blood cells and bacteria in my nose. I had no idea! So now I am a little worried. Daddy gave me some medicine and rubbed this weird creamy stuff on my nose. Hopefully I won't have to wear a cone of shame like Beau did for so long. Sorry about not blogging for so long. Also sorry it isn't a Famous Basset Hound Friday. We will try and do a better job of hounding daddy in the future.

March 13, 2012

Beauregard the Dignified Southern Basset goes to the dog park

So today was another awesome day in the JoF household.  Mama came home early from work and whispered the words that every hound loves to hear, "Let's all go to the dog park."

Now the younger hounds went all crazy and started whining, barking and acting very undignified.  I, myself, let a few woofs to voice my approval and then waited patiently for Mama to put my collar on.  Then we all loaded up in the BUV (Basset Utility Vehicle).  The youngin' were acting all crazy hanging out the windows looking ridiculous.

Someone needs to teach these hound some manners!

This how they should behave!  I'm a dignified Southern basset waiting patiently to leave.

When we arrived at the park, we met a nice man named Joe and his cool blue tick hound Capella.  Of course Rosco and Layla had to embarrass me by chasing a blabrador.

I on the other hand walked around introducing myself to the other dogs at the park.

How do you do kind sir? My name is Beauregard.

I traveled all over the park making new friends with dogs and people alike.  I also made sure to correct any undignified behavior that I saw.

I managed to spread the word about how to be dignified to many dogs while at the park.  Mama just needs to bring me a soapbox next time so I can command the attention I deserve.

After educating as many dogs as I could, I decided that it was time for a drink and to head back home.

Now young Mr. Rosco seems to have the potential to become a dignified basset hound.  

Here he is in his handsome hound pose.

The lady hounds on the other hand chose to ignore Mama when she called them. Ms Breezy was so uncooperative that she didn't even get her picture taken at the park.

Here is Ms Layla paying no mind to her Mama.  Very rude!

I decided to let the other hounds know I was leaving with a few barks and then started walking toward the gate.

Mama insists that you all see how well I can walk since the big ole tumor is gone.

All in all it was a good day! I met new people and dogs and was able to educate the dog masses about dignified Southern basset hound behavior.

March 11, 2012

Stupid TV Commercial # 41

So it is nearly Easter.  That is the holiday where a magical rabbit brings people chocolate and other candies, and hides it in the house in a basket.  Somehow this is related to religion.  It also has to do with Mardi Gras, which Layla sort of explained in another post.  We are not religious animals so the importance of these things are lost on us.  What I want to know is whether there is a giant rabbit running around my home or not.  I have seen regular rabbits in the yard before and heard the dogs talk about chasing them.  If they are anything like squirrels they are regular little punks, sitting in my window and gnawing on their stupid squirrel teeth.  They are just lucky there is a thick pane of glass between us, and that I am not an outside cat!

Anyway - Easter has this TV commercial called the 'Cadbury Easter Bunny'.  I don't know much about bunnies but I don't think they make the kind of noises the Cadbury bunny makes.  Well in this week's stupid commercial, they are having tryouts for a new bunny.  Notice the first animal is a pig - good luck pal.  The next two are a lion and a regular cat.  Neither of those two animals would be caught dead trying to be a bunny.  We would rather eat the bunny together after an invigorating chase scene where we both pounced on it together, and then high-fived each other after the kill.  We most certainly would not make odd noises while wearing bunny ears.  Clearly a case of animal abuse here.

March 9, 2012

I'm all better

Well it has been an exciting two weeks.  Really an exciting month.  I found a new home, I made lots of new friends, I found out I am a basset celebrity, and I had dramatic surgery.  But today I crossed a new milestone - I saw the vet again for the last time, and he removed my stitches and told me I was a new man.  And I agree!  I can move around so much more easily, I can see all of my basset toes again, and I don't have nearly as much trouble breathing with that nasty tumor gone.  And that horrible one on my leg is gone too so no more strange flopping skin when I am strutting my hound stuff at the dog park!

Look how happy I am now!

So thanks again to all my fans, and especially to the good people who found me a new home and helped to pay for my surgery.  I really appreciate it, and I know the folks here at Jowls of Fury do as well!

March 3, 2012

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 50

Well I am feeling much better.  I am not taking any more of that pain medicine.  Nope, I am toughing it out now, being such a gutsy old hound.  Unfortunately I still have to wear that stupid cone of shame - my stitches are really bothering me and I need to clean myself up, but mom and dad won't let me - so I have this dumb lampshade stuck on me for the time being.  My spirits were a little low, and Rosco suggested that I write a Famous Basset Hound Friday.  He can be a rotten kid sometimes but honoring famous hounds is a pretty good idea.

So I thought long and hard about what hound to honor.  He has already honored so many of them, it was tough to choose a good one.  Then I remembered a hound from the good old days, when famous bassets did not frolic in hedonism.  She was a classy gal, the sort of hound that a young man like myself could admire without being disrespectful.  I am of course talking about Cynthia the basset from the show Green Acres.

She sure was pretty...  wait...  is that a skunk?

I will confess...  Cynthia was my first puppy crush.  Now that I am an older, distinguished hound gentleman, I have come to appreciate the company of ladies for their personality, and not just for their sleek, wrinkly form, their long ears, and their drooping jowls.  But I still like those things too!  I am old, but not dead.

So...  add Cynthia to the list of famous hounds!