March 9, 2012

I'm all better

Well it has been an exciting two weeks.  Really an exciting month.  I found a new home, I made lots of new friends, I found out I am a basset celebrity, and I had dramatic surgery.  But today I crossed a new milestone - I saw the vet again for the last time, and he removed my stitches and told me I was a new man.  And I agree!  I can move around so much more easily, I can see all of my basset toes again, and I don't have nearly as much trouble breathing with that nasty tumor gone.  And that horrible one on my leg is gone too so no more strange flopping skin when I am strutting my hound stuff at the dog park!

Look how happy I am now!

So thanks again to all my fans, and especially to the good people who found me a new home and helped to pay for my surgery.  I really appreciate it, and I know the folks here at Jowls of Fury do as well!


  1. Beau!!! Bowser and I are so glad you're feeling better!!!
    Next time they will take all the rest of that gook off of you, too! In the meantime enjoy the pats, treats, toys, naps and so forth that a distinguished gentlebasset deserves!

  2. Good to hear you are so happy, buddy.

    Look out, ladies, Beau is on the loose. Rosco, keep an eye on him!

  3. Awesome news Beau! Sniffs, The HoundDogs