March 13, 2012

Beauregard the Dignified Southern Basset goes to the dog park

So today was another awesome day in the JoF household.  Mama came home early from work and whispered the words that every hound loves to hear, "Let's all go to the dog park."

Now the younger hounds went all crazy and started whining, barking and acting very undignified.  I, myself, let a few woofs to voice my approval and then waited patiently for Mama to put my collar on.  Then we all loaded up in the BUV (Basset Utility Vehicle).  The youngin' were acting all crazy hanging out the windows looking ridiculous.

Someone needs to teach these hound some manners!

This how they should behave!  I'm a dignified Southern basset waiting patiently to leave.

When we arrived at the park, we met a nice man named Joe and his cool blue tick hound Capella.  Of course Rosco and Layla had to embarrass me by chasing a blabrador.

I on the other hand walked around introducing myself to the other dogs at the park.

How do you do kind sir? My name is Beauregard.

I traveled all over the park making new friends with dogs and people alike.  I also made sure to correct any undignified behavior that I saw.

I managed to spread the word about how to be dignified to many dogs while at the park.  Mama just needs to bring me a soapbox next time so I can command the attention I deserve.

After educating as many dogs as I could, I decided that it was time for a drink and to head back home.

Now young Mr. Rosco seems to have the potential to become a dignified basset hound.  

Here he is in his handsome hound pose.

The lady hounds on the other hand chose to ignore Mama when she called them. Ms Breezy was so uncooperative that she didn't even get her picture taken at the park.

Here is Ms Layla paying no mind to her Mama.  Very rude!

I decided to let the other hounds know I was leaving with a few barks and then started walking toward the gate.

Mama insists that you all see how well I can walk since the big ole tumor is gone.

All in all it was a good day! I met new people and dogs and was able to educate the dog masses about dignified Southern basset hound behavior.

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  1. This just made my day to see how great the Beauster is doing!

    Eclair and Ethels Mom