March 3, 2012

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 50

Well I am feeling much better.  I am not taking any more of that pain medicine.  Nope, I am toughing it out now, being such a gutsy old hound.  Unfortunately I still have to wear that stupid cone of shame - my stitches are really bothering me and I need to clean myself up, but mom and dad won't let me - so I have this dumb lampshade stuck on me for the time being.  My spirits were a little low, and Rosco suggested that I write a Famous Basset Hound Friday.  He can be a rotten kid sometimes but honoring famous hounds is a pretty good idea.

So I thought long and hard about what hound to honor.  He has already honored so many of them, it was tough to choose a good one.  Then I remembered a hound from the good old days, when famous bassets did not frolic in hedonism.  She was a classy gal, the sort of hound that a young man like myself could admire without being disrespectful.  I am of course talking about Cynthia the basset from the show Green Acres.

She sure was pretty...  wait...  is that a skunk?

I will confess...  Cynthia was my first puppy crush.  Now that I am an older, distinguished hound gentleman, I have come to appreciate the company of ladies for their personality, and not just for their sleek, wrinkly form, their long ears, and their drooping jowls.  But I still like those things too!  I am old, but not dead.

So...  add Cynthia to the list of famous hounds!


  1. Hello Beau

    You are a handsome basset indeed- don't let your operation get you down. I am a Canadian basset living for now in Cape Town, South Africa ( and I love reading about you and your basset posse's adventures - I am sure you will make a wonderful addition to the troupe! Good luck and heal fast

    1. Sir Beau, do you have a picture of this lovely creature that you speak of?

  2. Sorry Worm - It's fixed now!