April 16, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #14 - late

To all of our Famous Basset Hound Friday fans, sorry we are late this week! I had my blog all ready to go and daddy was too busy sleeping to upload it for me! He has been publicly humiliated and shamed for this oversight.

So this week's famous hound is named Ulysses Yardley. I am a bit suspicious of his lineage after seeing some of his photos - he looks a bit stuffy to me.

Breaking it down

According to his fan page on Facebook, Ulysses is "the fastest party-sniffer-outerer in the South West and is fast becoming one of clublands daftest celebrities". He also appears to be Australian or something, I can't really understand half of what his fans have written about him. Evidently Ulysses travels to things called 'raves', which dad informs me is a party where young people play loud music with thumping bass and repetitive electronic noise for hours and hours. They also drink alcohol and try drugs and are generally silly. Doesn't sound like the right place for any self-respecting hound to be if you ask me! Although he does appear to be popular with the ladies...

Go ahead, give me a smooch. We hounds are irresistible.

That... is an interesting hat.

Maybe Ulysses is trying to convince these young people of the error of their ways. If so, he has his work cut out for him. But either way, he is out making people aware of basset hounds and how awesome we all are, even if his message does happen to fall on mostly deaf ears. Well what else can you expect from children who listen to such ridiculous music?

I don't know this guy. He just grabbed me.

Ladies please! I am not a piece of meat!

Please just stop, you're embarrassing yourself.

Yes my dear, it is a bit too noisy in here. Let's go outside for a walk.

Ulysses either enjoys these kinds of parties or he is trying to improve the lives of young people - either way we wish him luck. And he's our 14th Famous Basset Hound!

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