April 8, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #13

Well it's that time of the week again. After a long 7 days of basset hound work (i.e. sleeping, barking at Joey, and blogging), it's time for that half hour of careful contemplation, thorough web surfing, and delicate typing that culminate into the best of all weekly events:

Famous Basset Hound Friday!

This basset hound Friday is in honor of the only online webcomic basset hound that I know of. His name was Kirbicus "Kirby" the King of Bassets. He was the star of a long-running webcomic called PvP, which is written by a guy named Scott Kurtz. The hound in the comic was based on the author's real-life basset hound named Kirby. Not a terribly creative author, but then again, we ARE talking about a hound here. Probably no reason not to use his real name, as it doesn't get much more genuine than the real thing.

I will be honest here. I have not followed PvP for very long - it was around long before I was alive - but I read the Wikipedia article and it basically filled me in. Mr. Kurtz also appears to be very dedicated to his craft and has lots of fans so I know he did the basset hound honor, even if he did make Kirby less intelligent than most hounds. The abbreviated version of things is that Kirby was made into an important character in a webcomic and he had many adventures.

The real-life Kirby passed away in 2009. Mr. Kurtz wrote a very touching eulogy for him that you can read. He also had a friend who did a guest comic that Kirby's ghost appeared in, where he shows how faithful a hound he was. Make sure and read the comic notes when you check out that comic. Also read both the comic notes and the eulogy and see if you can spot Mr. Kurtz going back on his word about owning more hounds - we have a way of getting into your hearts.

So all in all, Kirby was as awesome as every basset hound is. He was also famous to boot and that makes him our 13th Famous Basset Hound!

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  1. Rosco- thank you for sharing such an insightful history of Kirby. He seems like such a smart doggie (even if he didn't get the credit he deserved in the comic).