April 22, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 15

Hi everyone! I get to put up Famous Basset Hound Friday this week because Rosco is busy chasing Layla around the house. I don't like the chase game - I always feel like I have to defend myself (or dad) from Rosco. He is like an alligator!

Anyway I got to pick whatever hound I wanted to for this. Rosco basically said 'whatever Breezy you do what you want, I have to catch Layla and bite her ears'. He is such a jerk sometimes. He bites my ears and I bark in his face.

So the hound I picked this week is Stanley Pinkerton! Who is Stanley Pinkerton you ask?

THIS is Stanley Pinkerton! He is the spokeshound for Pinkerton South, a marketing firm or something. All I know is he is a successful hound, and he probably makes a lot of money, and boy is he hot! I normally don't go for bad boys but that devil costume shows that he has droops in all the right places!

Ahem. I'm getting a little too excited here. Anyway, Stanley is very successful, and he Tweets a lot. So not only is he fun-loving and exciting, he is also tech-savvy and smart. Sounds like the perfect hound for me! He also has his own website.

I just realized! He works for a marketing firm! And he is really handsome! So he is like the Mad Men of hounds! He also says he is the lord of the couch and cats (* swoon *) and President of the Sneaky Dog Club!

He's like a dream!

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