April 17, 2011

Stupid TV Commercial Sunday # 15

This week's stupid commercial came to me this morning, as I was dividing my attention between the bird feeders outside and the TV inside. Those feeders need to be monitored, as does the television. I play many important roles here.

The issue of human bathroom needs have always perplexed me. For being such creative, capable creatures, they seem to have inadequate bathroom uses. First of all, their toilet needs water, and they have to actually sit down to do their business sometimes. We cats just hover over a box and bury things when we are done - a much more eco-friendly solution (pumping all that water takes time and money). Then there is the issue of toilet paper. Cats have no need of toilet paper - we have "other" ways of cleaning up, should the need ever arise. Humans, meanwhile, waste literally tons of paper each year doing their business.

Which is where this week's stupid commercial comes in.

The obvious solution to this problem is to start using a litter box. That, or keep your wasteful toilet paper in the room where you actually need it, and not halfway across the house.

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