April 2, 2011

My first anniversary

Some of my hound friends call it their 'gotcha' day. It's the day that us rescue hounds were brought to our forever homes. A forever home is the home that we stay at forever, so we don't have to live in a rescue facility anymore. Honestly, I have to teach you people everything!

I wasn't always the happy, satisfied hound girl I am today. Once upon a time I was owned by someone else, and they didn't have time to care for me, and they left me in a yard all day long. Then when they came home I only got to sleep in the kitchen at night. Then they had a baby and discovered it was allergic to me (how this was my fault is beyond me, it sounds like this kid is going to have a rough life), so they decided they didn't want me anymore. I was pretty sad.

But then my forever home came and found me. So today is my 'gotcha' day! One year ago today I was rescued from The Noah Project in Muskegon, Michigan. Mom and dad came to visit me with Rosco at the facility, and I was such a happy girl once I felt comfortable around them. Dad threw me a ball and Rosco was mostly shy.

I was also really interested in kittens at that time (I still am). There were some kittens at The Noah Project and I was barking at them to tell them not to worry, someone would adopt them!

Looking back at those old pictures brings back some memories! I was really skinny and underfed and sad and lonely - but once I got to my forever home they filled me in to my current beautiful weight. I also got to sleep on some soft beds, which took a little getting used to at first.

The couch was the right place for me, with my mom. I also got to sleep in the bed with mom that night (Rosco and dad slept on the floor, to let me get used to my new home).

The next day they had Easter, and we were forced to wear these silly bunny helmets. I was beginning to have second thoughts at that point - we were at grandma's house and all the new dogs were laughing at me - but they also gave us Easter treats and only made me wear the dumb things for a little while. Still, what a way to welcome a new hound girl to her forever home!

But in the end this was the right place for me. I have a brother and sister, and my mom and dad love me and give me all the attention and foodstuffs that I deserve. I don't have to sleep outside anymore (although I will say I do like to lay on the deck in the warm sun), and I am treated like the princess I really am. Happy gotcha day!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day! Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Happy Gotcha Day! I'm so glad you found a good home (or should we say that they found you!). I hate that someone would take you home and then leave you out all day and make you sleep by yourself. You look so much healthier and happier with your new(ish) family.