April 4, 2011

Combined Basset GQ/Swimsuit Edition

There was a great deal of debate about this blog entry.  Rosco wanted to write it, since he was the hound that thought up the original idea (complete with glittery bling headlining and all).  Layla countered that since she was clearly the most sexy of all the hounds, she ought to have first dibs.  Breezy took the seemingly incompatible stance that such hedonism was beneath her, and that she was the more aged and experienced of all the hounds at Jowls of Fury, and so the honor of announcing our combined Basset GQ/Swimsuit Edition blog should fall to her.

Somehow a guy who just shaved his beard off because it itched too much ended up being the one to write the announcement.  It's been awhile since I wrote anything on here anyway, so here goes.

Jowls of Fury is hosting the first ever Basset GQ/Swimsuit Edition blog.  This will be an entry on Jowls of Fury in approximately a week or two (depending on how long it takes us to get enough entries as well as write our own) where we showcase all the sexy, sultry, suave, and sophisticated basset hounds of the internet.  If you are interested in entering your basset (or yourself - as the hounds quickly pointed out, some hounds write their own blogs.  I have never had such overbearing editors), then please do the following:

  1. Take a picture of your basset hound/yourself in a suitable pose.  Suitable poses include sitting, standing, running, laying on the floor, or any other picture you can find.  Costumes are acceptable.  There has been some question about the pornographic nature of some entries - we can either blur or blackbox the photos if you want them to be that way, or we can let your hound go au natural.  
  2. Write an entry blurb that you would like to go with your hound's photo.  Bear in mind that this ought to be similar to the stuff you see in either human GQ/Swimsuit Edition magazines (so you can either describe interests, hobbies, or talk about how much the swimwear/suit/tie costs).  Or you can get creative and write basically whatever you want!  The only editorial stance we might take is to censor any obviously inflammatory/racist/hateful language, but we have yet to meet a hound or hound owner who would go to such lengths, and don't anticipate any problems.
  3. Email these two things to bassetgq@yahoo.com.  If you have any special requests or other concerns address them to us as well.
That's all you have to do!  We weren't planning on making this a competition of any kind - all entries will be shown and include the text that you give us.  Keep your eyes open for some sexy hounds!

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