March 28, 2011

Basset GQ

Because it's seems like another boring Monday, I feel as though I need to spice this place up. Behold my newest endeavor:

Inspired by the recent blog posted by Gus on Hounds about Town, I have decided to start my modeling career. Here are my most recent entries for my new magazine Basset Gentlemen's Quarterly.

This is my sexy come hither pose. Can you feel my smoldering eyes on you?

My fun, carefree Basset next door pose.

And finally the ever so tempting over the shoulder ears back pose.

The newest issue to Basset Gentlemen's Quarterly will be coming to a newstand or computer screen near you.


  1. I would like to be the first to subscribe to Basset GQ as well as offer my modeling services should you need additional hunky hound photos.

  2. Well get your best basset shots ready then Mr. Gus! We have decided to host the first annual combined Basset GQ/Swimsuit Edition Blog! Look for an upcoming post for the specifics.

  3. Too funny! Gus is a real looker!