March 21, 2011

Who is Joey?

This is an important question. Joey is not just a random name that gets me charging across the yard in all my 60-pound basset glory. Joey is a real phenomenon, and he takes up a lot of my thinking time.

Joey is a cat.

See? See?? Doesn't he look really sad, like he needs a hound dog girl to befriend him? We let him in the house all the time so he doesn't have to sleep in the cold or the snow or be bitten by mosquitoes, but he just doesn't like me. I really want to play with him, but all he does when I get close is growl and try to swat me. So I bark at him, thinking it is his way of playing (sounds kind of rude to me), but he just runs away.

I feel badly for Joey but if he continues to be such a jerk then I'm not going to play with him anymore!

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