March 9, 2011

Weird Word Wednesday #7

I'm taking over the blog again for one of the animals because Beaker is too busy to blog at the moment.  She just went rocketing through the house and knocked the dog gate over, sparking an intense 30 seconds of basset aerobics.  Everyone is back to their sleeping/chew bone gnawing state again.

This week's weird annoying word is 'patience'.  I'm out of the stuff.  Frankly, I'm tired of waiting on every little thing.

We've been waiting on my wife to find steady employment since moving here.  That is a waiting game I am sick to death of.  She is educated, intelligent, responsible, has a strong work ethic, and is apparently unhirable in the greater Columbia area.  The local college graduates have an extra level of certification that she doesn't, and that is evidently more desirable than 2 years of on the job training.  My guess is those students are winning the game of 'who you know' due to their clinical rotations that they complete during their schooling; they most likely know all the local hospital staff because they've worked for them at some point during their education.  I'm tired of not being able to do anything to help my wife.  Unemployment sucks the life out of you, and right now I think I'd amputate something if I thought it would land her a job.

I'm tired of waiting on manuscript reviewers too.  My colleagues and I submitted a paper to Southwestern Naturalist in June of 2010.  I have emailed the editor repeatedly and asked for updates on the review process - something that should take 3 months at the most, and that is for technical, specialized papers.  Ours was basically a report on the species of animals found on an Air Force Base.  I could probably get my mother to review it in an hour or two.  The editor has told me that his first two reviewers flaked out on him and he had to find someone else.  Supposedly, the paper was going to be reviewed by today, and as of 9:50 CST I have not received an email about it.  My only other manuscript took a long time to finally get published, and the note that I got published in 2009 took almost a year to review and see print.  A year for one paragraph.  Either I have terrible luck in journal reviewers or someone is out to get me.  These sort of things slow down the development of a CV (a scientific resume, basically), which in turns slows down how competitive I appear when applying for scientific jobs.  Although I should probably point out that those same colleagues are waiting on me to finish another manuscript and get it sent to them for a final review before submission.  I guess everybody waits on something.

I'm tired of waiting to feel like my life is going to start.  The stress of not making enough money to cover all our costs - and these are basic costs, not expensive cars or wasteful spending - literally eats up all the happiness in life.  I can't seem to get out from under it either.  I love my job and I enjoy the time I spend there, but the reality of the situation looms over me pretty much every day.  My wife is waiting to hear on a job that is about an hour and a half away - we want her to get it but it will mean us living apart until at least October.  I'm tired of waiting for our lives to being together, where we both are working in our fields under the same roof.  These days it is tough not to be bitter and sad every day, and if it weren't for the distractions TV and the internet offer I wouldn't be able to deal with it.  And that's just me being selfish and thinking about myself - you can guess how my wife feels.  I wish there was something I could do to help her.

As I worried over all these things on my drive home today I was greeted with a happy sight.  My dog Rosco (Puppyman) was waiting for me in the window.  I could see his droopy-eared profile in the window, backlit by the lamp.  As I pulled in the driveway he jumped off the couch and ran downstairs to greet me at the door by howling and leaping at me.  His wait, at least, was over.


  1. Great blog entry and satisfying conclusion.

  2. Yeah, but my wife found out today she did not get the job. So I'm back to where I started.

  3. From the way it sounds, you are in the same boat as we are. Really, I think your wife didn't get that job for a shouldn't have to be apart! What's helped with us is just taking that deep DEEP breath, and accepting that things just SUCK. You are on the ground when you want to be on the 10th floor...there's no elevator, and you're tired of looking for the stairs. Take that deep breath, and say "well, instead of being upset i can't find the stairs, i'm going to enjoy the walk around the building and look at all the things in life i never noticed before."
    This is a great short term fix! *lol* because eventually the annoyance of it all comes back. But, at least in the meantime you've convinced (yes you have to convince) yourself that you're happy where you are. Sometimes this works and you actually become happy and then when something comes along it's easy. Sometimes you have to reset yourself again and say "okay, this still sucks..take another deep breath".
    Also, maybe she can work a "pointless" job while she still looks for a "forever" job? Maybe she can volunteer at these places she's trying to get in to work for...get to know people. You are right, that is what's going on these days is people are hiring those people they know something about already.
    She could even be frank about it and say "I am going to help you guys out, volunteer, and let you see what an amazing asset to this company I can be. You'll be thrilled to hire me when you have an opening!"
    : )
    My rambling point is, you're not alone, and though that may not make it better, at least misery loves company! NO, I mean at least we all understand days like this and can remind you to hug a basset to feel better ; )