March 13, 2011

Stupid TV Commercial #11

This week's Stupid TV Commercial is being posted from my undisclosed secure bunker location, because friends, we are being invaded by zombies.

At some point Orville Redenbacher died and was brought back to life by CG. Or so the company's website says. I'm not buying it; I think the zombie infestation has begun and have taken appropriate action to ensure cat safety and survival.

1 comment:

  1. That is one of the most horrible commercials ever created. And WHY?? Why??? There was just no NEED to do this! I mean were they just sitting there and one guy goes "HEY, i have a GREAT idea! Look, i know he's dead, but let's just CG him and pretend he's alive pushing popcorn...and get this...he's listening to an iPod! IT's gonna be great" No it is not great, random guy who's fault this is.