March 27, 2011

Stupid TV Commercial #12

This week's stupid commercial has only been on the air for a little while but it already is driving me batty. I must be getting to be an old cat now. There was a time when an off-the-wall commercial like this one would have made me smirk, but now when I see them I just want to hit something.

So this week's entry is the 'I'm playing a guitar that sounds like a dolphin' bit. I have no idea what it has to do with a place that sells ice cream and burgers, but surely there is a marketing wizard behind it somewhere. Taking a cue from the Old Spice ridiculous commercials that everyone seems to love, the folks at Dairy Queen have decided that we no longer brand our products by their quality or workmanship, but instead market them by the amount of inanity and stupidity we can cram into a 30-second TV spot.

Yup, I'm getting old.

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