March 11, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #10

This week we have a famous basset hound who was owned by a (slightly less) famous actor. His name was Sidney, and his owner (some guy named Clint Eastwood) was lucky enough to own him.

As you can read from above, Sidney was sure to make his owner get him the right kind of food. I think he did pretty well in training Mr. Eastwood, as he obviously understood hound dietary needs (read the part about Piggy Bags). We need to work on our dad's training because he didn't share any of his chicken McNuggets with us tonight. Anyway, I just got done Googling this guy Eastwood and it sounds like he owes Sidney an awful lot! Successful people with basset hounds are really no surprise, given our expertise in most worldly subjects.

So that's our famous hound of the week!

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