February 3, 2013

A whole year

It is hard to believe but it has been an entire year since I joined the Jowls of Fury 'clan'.  It was a year ago today that I finished my long trek from North Carolina, where I had lived my whole hound life, to a cold, blustery place called Missouri.  It was a hard time for me - my former owner had passed away, and then the people who took me in after that decided they didn't want me and made me live outside for the most part - and then some ladies I didn't know picked me up and drove me across the country.  I was confused, and there was another dog with them - but I finally made it to Missouri.  That first night was a bit of a whirlwind - I met all the new hounds - and I had to get used to my new home.

Where am I?

But it turned out to be a pretty great place to live.  Sure, the new hounds were all pretty jealous of the one-on-one time I got with my new family, but they eventually got over it.  I got to meet all the new grandparents and puppy cousins and cats.  My new house let me sleep inside and I got to lay on the couch (I even got a sweet little ramp to let me crawl up there whenever I wanted to).  I got to eat all kinds of treats and people food and I got all kinds of attention.  I even got some surgery to take away most of the big tumors on me, which made it a lot easier to visit the dog park (a place that I love).

This calls for a celebration!

Over the last year I made a lot of new friends.  I would not have been able to get the surgery or get to be part of Jowls of Fury clan without the help of some great people at Cyberhound.  Now I wait for my mom and dad to come home so I can bark at them to make me some food.

Sheesh what does an old hound have to do to get some food around here?

It's good to have a nice home, and I'm glad I made it to Missouri.  An old hound gets to live out his years at his leisure, taking his time to enjoy the finer things in life, like eating and sleeping.  I miss North Carolina sometimes but Missouri is pretty good too.  Plus I get to visit places like Ohio and Michigan so there is some variety (it is the spice of life you know).

This was me in NC

This is me in MO

Thanks for reading my blog!  Here's to another great year!