April 18, 2011

Combined Basset GQ/Swimsuit Magazine Spread

Well it's finally here!  After a few intense weeks of procrastination we are publishing our first ever combined Basset GQ/Swimsuit Magazine spread!  

So here we go.  Our first entry (what we would consider the front cover) is Boomer.  We decided to let him grace our cover because today is his birthday!  So our hot young hunk hound Boomer is the first in our lineup - everyone after him is shown in random order.

Basset GQ Male #1 - Boomer

Boomer celebrates his first birthday today, and the birthday boy is that perfect blend of charm and refinement that we look for on the cover of our Basset GQ/Swimsuit magazine.  His 'come hither' look tells the ladies that this young basset man has an air of mystery and excitement to him....

... but that he also knows the importance of sometimes just staying in with a loved one.  Affectionate, upright, mysterious, and dashing - what more could a hound lady look for?

Boomer kicks things off for us!

Basset Swimsuit Female # 2 - Whiskey

Whiskey is definitely a feisty basset lady.  Her pictures prompted some concern amongst our editorial staff about the direction we wanted to take this magazine, and we were worried that her pictures would be too racy for our reading audience.  But then Rosco posted her online before anyone could stop him, saying that she was obviously not ashamed of her beautiful basset figure, so why should we be?  Whether you think they are pornographic or not, Whiskey's au natural look and gymnastic pose definitely marks her as a basset girl who knows what she wants out of life.

Not afraid to play the sultry card either, Whiskey is capable of using her body to get what she wants.  Here she lounges on one of her many favorite beds, showing off the stoutly graceful curves that her basset body was blessed with.  We couldn't help but notice her deep, staring eyes either...

Whiskey has set a pretty high bar for the ladies!

Basset GQ Male # 3 - Rosco

Our very own Rosco P. Puppyman is our third entry.  Rosco's sense of humor, good-nature, and faithfulness have endeared him to many basset lovers since we began Jowls of Fury.  He is also the first hound here to think up the Basset GQ idea, and his blog post is what started it all.  Rather than continue to extoll his many virtues, we offer up only one of his latest sexy poses:

He calls it "There's room for one more"...

Basset GQ Male # 4 - Barnaby

Our good friend Barnaby entered his post just this morning, and he really wowed us with his material.  Barnaby is definitely a ladies' hound, making sure to get his own one-on-one time with all the ladies he can.  He also defines the basset attitude that we all love: calm, assertive, powerful, sometimes demanding, elite, and aloof.  

You may have bought this chair... I made it sexy.

Barnaby is also the life of any party, making sure that everyone in his immediate vicinity has a good time.  The hound ladies love him for his outgoing, fun-loving nature, and he is quick to join in the fun and festivities.

Poor kid didn't stand a chance...  I'm the numero Uno dog, so of course I'm good at this game...

He shares his hound pad with Scarlett (another of our Swimsuit females today), and he shares his affections for her often.

Here is a hound who knows what he wants and how to get it!

Basset Swimsuit Female # 5 - Breezy

The newest member of Jowls of Fury out aside her stuffy, better-than-this attitude about our magazine spread and really brought out her sexy for this shoot!  Breezy's taller, longer frame allows her to get into some very creative positions, and like our first swimsuit model for this magazine, she has decided to bare it all!

Breezy has come a long way from the demure, submissive hound lady she was just two short months ago.  Like snow melting in the spring, her exterior skittishness has melted away, showing the sometimes bossy, always loveable, occasionally promiscuous hound girl that lies within!

Basset Swimsuit Female # 6 - Scarlett

Miss Scarlett lives with her "not my boyfriend" Barnaby.  She is a refined basset lady, and she has decided to take the high road in this magazine.  Classy, well-read, she is a southern lady, rescued and brought to a caring forever home.  Her proper accent belies a sweet, sometimes playful interior, as she is not above a good roll in some poo (a gal has to decorate herself up once in awhile).

Scarlett is at heart a southern gal, and she enjoys doing all of the outdoor things that southern gals do - including running, playing, chasing squirrels, etc.  This girl is definitely a keeper, or she will be if any hound boys are lucky enough to win her heart!

Basset GQ Male # 7 - Bowser

Our next sexy basset male is a bit of a tease.  Bowser sports the classic tri-color scheme, but he plays the hard-to-get game.  In his own words:

Don't let the coy look, the teasing leg lift, and the last minute cover-up for modesty lead you on. Bashful Boy Bowser can flaunt it like the ladies but when it comes right down to it...he just (literally) doesn't have the balls to bare it all.

Ever the tease, he enjoys a nice game of "grab the toy...OH no i jerked it away from you and ran away" and nothing beats a good lazy lying down game of tug-o-war. But don't get the impression he's all tease and no sleaze. Bowser likes sniffing a good butt just like the rest of the furry crowd. Still, no dominance humping for this young 1 year old. He treats dogs of all sizes with respect and only a cursory sniff before running back to the safety of Mama. 

 Yes, ladies, he is a Mama's boy...but with those soulful eyes, coy toe-kisses as he walks by your feet, and groans of pleasure when you hug and scratch him...he'll having you fall into platonic love in no time.

Sounds like a tough act to follow!

Basset GQ Male # 8 - Fergus

Fergus also provided his own information for our photo spread:

Fergus is seen here in his preferred bathing attire (nothing!); careful ladies, he's taken. His hobbies include taking leisurely walks through the park at dusk, orating on the hows and whys of basset hounds, and counter-surfing. When not chasing his life companion (a horrible cat) around the house, Fergus can be found stretched out on his favorite sofa gently sucking his ears. His favorite food is all food and his beverage of choice is luke warm water. 

The hound ladies in this household love that knock-kneed resting position!

Basset GQ Male # 9 - Toughynutter

Our next hound is the one and only Toughynutter!  Mr. Toughy (and we made sure we spelled it right) was quite the famous hound, having been a show dog, a snowplow, an experienced agility hound, a bit off-kilter, and an all-around wealth of information on the breed.  His favorite photo shows him in his glory, as an offbeat, rugged, adventurous hound.

Basset GQ Male # 10 - An anonymous pup

Our next basset GQ entry has requested anonymity, and who can blame them?  This young pup would have to beat hound ladies off with a stick if his address ever got out.  Combining youthful beauty and innocence with a tempting 'bedroom eyes' look, our anonymous pup is going back into hiding now, before the masses of hound females find him...

Basset GQ Male # 11 - Chester

Our last basset male is Chester, and his appeal is in his hair!  It apparently works with the ladies!

Just look at those long, curly locks!  Chester's sporting the long look while most other bassets keep their coats short and trim, giving him an uncut, rough-around-the edges look. It certainly helps him earn those belly rubs!

Chester enjoys the good life, and likes to share his time with his friends at parties.  He might be considered a bit of a booze hound by some (he jokingly referred to this picture as 'too many bloody mary's'), but he just thinks he is making the best use of his time.

Basset Swimsuit Female # 12 - Layla

Our last female, and entry, is the one and only Layla 'Prettygirl' Jane.  She is a true diva, knowing both how beautiful she is and that she deserves only the highest standards.  Layla is shameless in her pursuit of belly rubs and treats.

An unfairly surrendered hound, Layla was rescued and has since been living the good life.  Couches, beds, treats, cats to chase, and brothers and sisters to play with have been hers for the taking.  She is just waiting for that special basset someone to come along and sweep her off her feet (not literally, Rosco).

Layla did not care for her new sister at first, but they have begun to get along a bit more recently (enough to pose for a synchronized basset photo shoot)!

These twelve hounds were the first round of our combined Basset GQ/Swimsuit edition.  Stay tuned for the next round (once we find them all)!

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