February 17, 2011

Tough being new

Hi, my name is Breezy. I'm new here and let me tell you it is tough being the new girl. Ms. Layla doesn't like me very much. But at least Mr. Rosco is nice to me (mostly - he does bite at my face when we get treats sometimes and he doesn't like me to get lovins'). The only thing is he is very rambunctious, and I am not too sure if I want to play so rough all the time. But I am starting to feel a little more at home here. I let them hear my howl and the people calling themselves 'mom' and 'dad' seemed to like it. The cats all ran and hid, but cats are sort of a new thing for me (and there certainly are a lot of them here). I'm not sure if I'm going to stay here or not, even though the 'dad' person says this is a 'forever home'. It sounds nice but it's tough to know what will happen next. I guess if I do stay here I would like to be friends with Rosco and Layla.

I still don't know exactly what happened to me though. I lived in another house with other dogs until very recently, and then Mr. Rosco and Ms. Layla came and met me at the park and I thought we might just go for a walk together. The next thing I know I'm in a stranger's car and they take me to their house and I stay the night there. The 'dad' person sleeps on the floor with me which is kind of nice - I got to sleep with more hounds like me and I didn't have to sleep in the garage like I'm used to. Still, I'm thinking OK, surely my family will come and get me the next morning. Instead I got put in a crate for most of the day and let out a few times until the mom/dad people came home and let me out. I'm still pretty scared at this point but they seem nice (although I get hollered at for something called counter-surfing. Well, don't put such good smelling food up there!). Oh and the 'dad' person gave me peanut butter on a spoon! This place can't be that bad if you get that sort of stuff here.

So tonight we went for another walk and I got to smell the neighborhood and see all the dogs. This is a very doggie neighborhood and everybody barks at you. I just had to open up and howl back. Right now I'm laying on the couch and not feeling too bad. There's also a little girl who lives behind the house that likes us a lot. I guess I could get used to it here but what a whirlwind these last few days have been!

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