February 24, 2011

The howling guardian

Well I have been living here for over a week now so I guess this is my new home. I am still getting used to it, but I am starting to like it here. I hardly remember my old house very much. This place is pretty nice too. You get lots of treats here if you are willing to 'sit' or 'go to your crate' for them. The 'shake' one is still a little confusing, but Rosco and Layla seem to have it down.

Speaking of Rosco and Layla, we still are not the best of friends (I get the feeling that they are best friends and I am still kind of the outsider), but we are playing together sometimes. One of the games we play is toy keep-away. It goes like this: we get one of our toys out of the basket (my favorite toy is the squeaky sheep) and run through the house with it, while our parents (that still feels a little weird) chase us and try to take the toy away. It's loads of fun! Rosco and I fight sometimes, but I mostly try and defend dad from Rosco (he bites really hard and I'm sure it hurts, but I howl and guard my dad). Layla and I haven't played too much but she isn't quite so mean to me anymore. Hopefully we will become good friends. I have also been snuggling with Rosco from time to time when we nap, but usually he and Layla lay together and I take the armchair.

Another nice thing about this house is all the soft stuff to lay on. There are couches and beds and dog beds everywhere, and this really nice blanket that is super-fluffy. It really helps me with my naps.

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