February 4, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #5

This week's famous hound is none other than Arthur of the tv show "Our House".

Mr. Arthur starred alongside some pretty famous people, including diabeetus commercial star Wilford Brimley

Hmmmm very suspicious coincidence

and former 90210 diva Shannon Doherty

Of course they can attribute their successful careers to the careful and subtle professional training they received courtesy of Arthur. Basset hounds are well-known among the A-listers in Hollywood. Anyway, Arthur and his family decided to move in with Wilford Brimley because they were A) poor and B) living in Fort Wayne Indiana, and Wilford Brimley lived in California.

The show only ran for 2 years before being cancelled, probably because of non-basset related reasons. Either way, Arthur is our famous basset hound for this week!

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