February 6, 2011

Stupid TV Commercial Sunday #6

This week's stupid commercial entry has been taken back over by me (VB3, aka Dad) to restore peace in the house, since Rosco took it over from Bunsen after the whole Beggin' Strips fiasco.  Since it is also Superbowl weekend, I decided/my wife strongly suggested that we do a Superbowl commercial-themed entry.

So here it is.  This week's stupid TV commercial is from Doritos (they did have a good one as well, but a couple of stupid ones).

Why is this stupid, you may ask?  I've been around pugs.  Pugs aren't big enough to do this.  A basset hound, on the other hand...


  1. Mornin' Layla..

    ready for 'da big show?

    see yous deres

    Anakin Man

  2. Hello Mr. Anakin. Hope you have a good judging experience today!

  3. Hello Miss Layla!!

    Me's wanted to tell yous 'dat yous were a fabulous contestant! It was sooooo close!

    Yous a Diva always, yes yes!!

    Me's glad yous joined and glad me's made wonderful new furiends!

    Keep being shameless for sure gurlfuriend~
    Anakin Man