February 27, 2011

Stupid TV Commercial Sunday #9

This week's stupid TV commercial comes to us from Traveler's Insurance. Mom and dad inform me that they have previously provided our renter's insurance, and that if our stuff was ever stolen, damaged, or lost in a fire or something, that they would be the ones to write the check to go out and buy new cat condos and water dishes and blankets to nap on. I must say we never had to use their services, and so I feel no regret at making fun of their dumb advertising attempt.

First of all, the idea that rabbits laugh like this is kind of dumb. They sound like Smurfs. Second, I'm pretty sure that some of the nature shows we watch on TV inform us that the dangerous part of the rattlesnake is, in fact, NOT the tail. The fangs are where the venom comes from - if I were this snake I would be sinking those babies into all the rabbits that were paralyzed with laughter and having a rabbit feast. Instead, Mr. Baby-Rattle-Instead-Of-A-Tail rattlesnake hides in his coils in shame. Probably not a realistic sequence of events. Where would a rattlesnake even get the baby rattle to begin with?

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