February 11, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #6

This week we are having two famous hounds. Normally this would be a really joyous occasion, because two hounds are better than one, but it is actually kind of sad. You see, these hounds lost their human recently because of horrible events. I also couldn't find their names online despite a lot of Googling.

Their human was Judge John Roll of Arizona. He was recently killed by a gunman who was apparently crazy (there are probably lots of people who deserve to take a bullet more than a person who owns basset hounds). According to most of the people interviewed about him, most of them didn't know he was a judge and they saw him walking his dogs every day. Walking his dogs every day! I wish my mom and dad would take me on walks every day, but I guess Arizona doesn't have as much snow as we do.

So I don't know what the names of our famous hounds are this week, but I feel bad for them. I would be very sad if I lost my parents. If anybody knows their names please put them in the comments so I can fix this blog post up. And if you are the praying type, please say a little prayer for the nameless hounds and Mr. Roll's family, they are probably still very sad.

John Roll, a good person who loved his hounds

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  1. Any judge who walked his dogs every day was probably a very good judge. We are now even more sad at his loss.

    -Fiona and Family