February 15, 2011

So we have a new sister

They brought home another dog the other day. At first it seemed OK - we got to go to the park because it was warm out and the snow had started to melt - so we thought everything was going to be cool. And then when we got there we saw another hound like us. Her name is Breezy and she was with her people going for a walk too. But then she got in our car, and mom started talking really pretty to her and she was in her lap. I was pretty upset, so I bowled my way into mom's lap and took what belongs to me - everything - and that only made her upset. She said I had to "share" and that we had a new sister.

So we have a new sister now. I'm not very happy about it. Rosco tries to play with her but she just turns away and hides, like she's afraid of him. Everybody knows you can run Rosco over because he is a featherweight, and this new sister is taller than both of us. She's just a scaredy cat. Plus she is getting all the attention. She got a brand new crate and food bowl, and she gets extra treats. Dad says this is because she needs to be trained and treats are the only way we learn anything.

Please. We can learn anything we want, we just have high standards when it comes to performing our tricks. This Breezy just runs around all willy-nilly for any reason. She also wears diapers sometimes and she smells funny and her coat isn't NEAR as pretty as mine. There's also less snuggle time now and even if we WANTED to snuggle with her she is too dumb and scared to lay down and get into a big basset pile.

So I don't like my new sister. I want things to go back the way they used to be. But mom and dad both say that Breezy needs a new home and we are her forever home. So I guess she is staying. That doesn't mean I have to like it though.

The interloper


  1. Oh Roscoe, Breezy looks like a sweet girl. Just give her some time to adjust and next thing you know you will be best buddies. Running and Sniffing everything. Where did your Sister come from, Rescue or shelter? We look forward to meeting your new sister Breezy at the Waddle this year. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Hey HDM. Layla is protesting Breezy tonight, because Breezy is starting to come out of her shell and play a little bit. She also howled for the first time since we brought her home, and she has a pretty good hound howl.

    Breezy comes to us as a local rescue, but she wasn't in a shelter or anything. I was walking Rosco and Layla last Friday and the UPS guy stopped and asked me if I wanted another hound. We had been thinking about it but weren't really sure, but he had one he was going to take to the pound and said he would rather see her in a good home. A few days later and she was with us. It's hard to turn one away when providence drops a good dog in your lap like that.

    We're looking forward to the waddle as well!

  3. MomtoDoppler&VirgaFebruary 16, 2011 at 10:15 PM

    I love the picture of 'the interloper'! Layla you just need to be patient. She'll be playing and cuddling with you and Roscoe in time. Good luck with Ms. Breezy!