April 26, 2011

My world is now upside down

Recently my house has been rearranged without my permission or input. Previously all the cat stuff was downstairs while the dogs lived upstairs; there was lots of barking and running around at all hours of the day and it interrupted my sleep schedule. I was also forced to wait for my mama time until the stupid dogs were asleep. Now, however, the cat stuff is STILL downstairs, but the dog stuff has also been moved downstairs and the people bed is here as well. They say it is cooler down here and it will save on energy.

Well yes it IS cooler. But will it really save on energy? Probably not. You see, I will have to run that much faster to get to my litter boxes so I don't get attacked by the dogs. That will force me to eat more food, costing the people as much money as they might be saving. And let's not forget that it is the cat's turn to tear around the house now that the dogs are sleeping downstairs; let them wake up every time one of us jumps off the counter and lands on the floor.

At least the cats are on top where they belong.

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