March 23, 2012

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 51

Wow it has been quite awhile since we did a Famous Basset Hound Friday. We have been very busy with vet visits and outdoorsy stuff, but really we have just been lazy. Well daddy has been lazy. You know how it goes.

But we are back! With a new famous hound! His name is Byron Basset and he is another animated hound!

Byron and his nemesis Elmyra

Byron was on the show Tiny Toons, which are about midget regular toons. Byron fit right in, being a short hound. He was a hound of few words, and was capable of flying and protected baby birds from evil cats. This sounds like a good hound to me, we face off against our evil cat siblings all the time. He also liked to eat whole turkeys and he even ate a bunny toon. I have not had the chance to eat bunnies but I am open to the option.

So that is our latest famous hound! Oh yeah! And! Beau and I are both feeling better, neither of our faces are puffy anymore!

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