March 16, 2012

I have a sick nose

Boy we have been really bad about blogging lately. Daddy has been so busy working we haven't been able to even wake him up to do our blogging for us. He falls asleep on the couch and he is so easy to lay on at that point that it just doesn't get done. It's good for the basset soul but bad for the basset blog.

We have had to get mama to blog a few times, as you saw the other day when she helped Beau write about what a handsome hound I am. Well today daddy took me to the vet. I swear I think he wants me not to like him anymore. He also took Oliver, and let me just say that cat is really bizarre.

Look at how calm he is... doesn't he realize we are at the vet's?

When he poops lately he screams a lot. We try and go in and investigate but of course there is a gate in the way. Well Oliver had to get a shot today and I had to go along because apparently I have an infected hound nose.

It doesn't look infected to me... I think I will survive...

Well of course I hate the vet's. I was very watchful of any doors because that is where the vets surprise you.

I'm ready this time

But this vet wasn't so bad, he talked all nice to me and gave me a treat and rubbed me. Then he stuck a piece of glass against my nose and left. When he came back he said I had white blood cells and bacteria in my nose. I had no idea! So now I am a little worried. Daddy gave me some medicine and rubbed this weird creamy stuff on my nose. Hopefully I won't have to wear a cone of shame like Beau did for so long. Sorry about not blogging for so long. Also sorry it isn't a Famous Basset Hound Friday. We will try and do a better job of hounding daddy in the future.

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  1. Get better quick Rosco- there is so much left to smell! You're such a handsome boy!