January 6, 2012

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 43

As I was logging in to write this week's famous basset hound, Google asked me if I wanted to add my phone number to their service. This was in case someone ever hacked my account. I don't even know what hacking means! I sort of make that noise when something goes down the wrong pipe in my throat... I certainly hope no one would do that to Jowls of Fury! It doesn't really matter, I don't have a phone anyway, so I added daddy's number and selected the 'maximum cost texting rates' or something like that. Won't he be surprised!

Anyway. It's time for another famous hound! This hound is a little belated Christmastime, but it's OK because she is such a happening hound that it totally doesn't matter that the lights and the monsters are all put away! Her name is Martha and she appears in the commercials for Tommy Hilfiger. The one for Christmastime is evidently at the house for insane people because up until Martha's appearance in the commercial I just wanted to bite someone. Then she pulls the plug on the methamphetamine party they were having and restores sanity to the house and Christmastime TV's everywhere.

Thank God for Martha, I couldn't take much more of that

Oh plus! Martha has a blog! She hasn't posted much but between the commercial and the blog she is a famous hound! Check her out here! She's our newest famous hound!

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  1. Too bad Martha didn't show up earlier!! AAaaroooooo!