January 11, 2012

The best place on Earth

Have I mentioned how I love the dog park? I know I talked about it before, but lately mama and daddy have been taking us there every day. We get to do loads of fun stuff once we get there, and we are getting pretty good at recognizing the driveway to the dog park.

Yes he really is that whiny

Once you get inside the dog park you get to run around off-leash. It is totally fenced in so you don't have to worry about your people wandering off and forgetting you. There are lots of interesting smells and you can hang out with all the cool hounds.

This thing has been peed on a lot

For two days in a row we met another basset hound at the dog park. Now usually it is the longer-legged hounds that are there with their people letting them throw the ball around, and that can be difficult to keep up with if you are a short-legged hound like me.

This is patently unfair

Anyway we met more basset hounds recently. Her name was Butters. There was another hound named Drago but we did not get a picture of him. He was a red and white colored hound like me and he liked to run like me also. Too bad we missed his picture daddy! But Butters was a cute hound, although she was young and little.

Rosco meeting Butters

Even though the long-legged hounds can outrun me, if we team up as bassets we are able to hold our own and even make them think twice before laughing at us.

There we showed that dumb lab who was boss

I have to hand it to Rosco, he really does a good job of running and howling at the same time.

How does he do that anyway?

Even Breezy, who is usually such a bossy hound, had a good time (and I think she found a boyfriend named Copper).

She showed him who was boss

This little dog was very friendly

But eventually the fun at the dog park has to end, because we get hungry and need to get mama and daddy home before they catch a cold. So we go back to our house and have dinner. Then we settle down for our customary post-dinner nap.

It is hard work, being a hound


  1. Very fun! Im glad to hear someone else's basset hound is as whiny as mine! Floyd seems to always be whining or grunting these days! He does the same thing at the park too--running and howling/barking at the same time, quite the talent!

  2. You guys are all so adorable. Once we get to the turn-off into the long driveway to the park, the whining Bowser starts in our car too. My that was a car full of hound! You guys must get sooo dirty there *lol* ours has grass and tree bark! But bowser still flops over and falls in the dirt a lot.Cuuute!