January 17, 2012

The Second Edition of Sexy Basset GQ and Swimsuit Monthly

Hello faithful blog readers! Hello new blog readers! Hello random internet searchers looking up 'sexy bassets'! Welcome to the Second Edition of Sexy Basset GQ and Swimsuit Monthly (as we are calling it this time). We were overwhelmed with pictures of basset guys and gals strutting their stuff, and we have an action-packed group this time around! So without further adieu (whatever that is), here they are!

We start our latest sexy basset extravaganza with a hot senior hound named Yogi. He is quite the charmer, and uses his years of experience to entice unsuspecting people into giving him belly rubs. He loves kids and other dogs, as an all-around adorable hound ought to. Witness the allure of older hounds as he sits majestically on his padded throne!

Worm is a regular at our favorite basset haunt, cyberhound! He has also been a Famous Basset Hound! Though his name is Worm, he doesn't always move like one. His picture highlights his athletic abilities and youthful vigor! Observe his muscle definition in his arms and hindquarters. Ladies, this young hound loves girl bassets, but his heart has been captured by a sweet young basset - but feel free to savor the eyecandy-ness.

Our own Famous Hound buddy Annie is back in action! As a beach bunny California hound, Annie likes to do all the things that sexy basset gals do, such as go to the beach and work on her tan! She lounges with the best of them, and drapes those ears in an oooh-la-la way!

Princess Buttercup
Our next sexy hound is Princess Buttercup! She keeps her girlish figure up with long walks followed by long naps! She enjoys (well... tolerates maybe) her pawdicures, as she knows that polished nails and pearls are an absolute must for on-the-go basset socialites. She is also a very accomplished volunteer hound, spending a few afternoons a week at the local high school as their unofficial mascot (The 'Fighting Sexy Bassets' has a very nice ring to it). Her mom works in sports medicine, and she loves a good baseball game (but not track meets - those starter pistols wear a sexy basset's nerves out!). She also likes to ride in her off-road gator and have the wind blow her ears back! Princess Buttercup emailed us her picture as she ran off to find the poolboy, before her two-legged cousins realized she cut holes in their swimming suit for her tail...

This handsome hunka hound is named Henry! He is a dashing young gentleman who teases the ladies with his ear-in-the-mouth playful attitude. He likes to practice his tummy shots, and he is evidently a French kisser! Many unsuspecting admirers have found he slips his tongue into their mouths as they bend over the give him some attention. The coy look above says it all!

Daisy Mae
This dreamy gal is named Daisy Mae, and she is sleeping off her troubles! Young at heart and already mastering the art of belly rub seduction, Daisy Mae knows when to smile for the camera (and take a load off)!

We continue our trend of hot young basset girls spreading themselves out on couches! Here we find Miss Charlotte in her pretty pink bathing suit (although it appears she has gone the risque route and forgotten her bottom...). Charlotte tops off the pose with that squinty, sexy basset eye look that drives all the boy bassets wild... this is a hound girl who knows what she is up to!

These next hounds are the fabulous foursome. How so much basset sexiness can exist in one house and not drive the neighbor dogs to insanity is beyond us!

This hound is named Scout, and he is the master of the puppydog eyes! This distinguished hound man sways human and hound female alike with his piercing glances, charming them to his every whim! Being a down-to-earth, t-shirt kind of hound helps too!

Precious is a hound who is very flexible, in all the right ways! Some people may laugh when her parents call this her 'walrus pose', but as every flexible hound knows, the hindquarters are where it's at! Maybe walruses know a thing or two about sexiness!

Gracie is the boss of the fab foursome household! This beautiful girl has a take-no-garbage from anyone kind of attitude, and that spunky fortitude that draws the boys in! Her puppydog eyes aren't too bad either... and of course she's the boss! She's in the boss chair!

Last but certainly not least, here is Hunter! Those sad, soulful hound eyes, those long ears, that sleek tricolor frame... he is definitely the houndiest of the fab foursome hounds!

Esther spends her days in the lap of luxury, sleeping on the couch and preventing her brother Charlie Brown from getting anywhere near it. She keeps her girlish figure by swimming laps in her grandparent's pool, and here you can see her trademark basset smoulder. Be careful boys, she might burn you...

Our next hound is our favorite kind of hound - a rescue hound! Having spent the first few years of her life making puppies, MaeMae has found her forever home (yay!). This past Christmastime was the first one she got to spend in a house with a family! And she has shown her love with lots of cuddles and lovins. She likes her belly rubs and cuddling, and of course food is a good way to any gorgeous hound gal's heart. A mischevious little devil, she also likes to play with toys (but not hers - she likes the ones that the little kids drop, and she lives at a daycare so she has tons of opportunities!). As you can see above, she has that windblown basset ear look, and she loves her naps (and dislikes having them interrupted!).

This lovely little hound is named Chloe, and she is a regular snowbunny hound! She loves to sport her fashionable coat and play in the chilly snow, then come inside for some good cuddles to warm up! Chloe's sleek form probably glistens in the fresh-fallen snow, and that fun-loving hound attitude comes through in her photo - a snow-covered hound nose!

This lovable, squishable, 'come and cuddle me' hound is Monty. That smouldering/mooching look beckons to hound and human alike, and few can resist him! And being a red and white myself, I must say that coat pattern is to die for!

Lucy is a very outspoken, strong-willed, full-figured elder lady hound. She's never at a loss for words, and loves kids. Maintaining an active lifestyle, her favorite time of the day is walking and eating her meals. She manages to become the center of attention at the park, where she will make the kids stop playing a ball game by running onto the field and demanding belly rubs. She is also a very protective hound matriarch, and won't go to bed until she knows that everyone else in the house is down for the night. Check her out in her stylin' dress!

Our last hound has left us for the Rainbow Bridge, where all sexy bassets end up. But just because she is gone doesn't mean that her sex appeal doesn't live on! Flash was a very laid-back, lovable, easy-going hound. She got along well with everyone, and she was a master counter surfer (one time she got an entire filet mignon, which is the best kind of steak to steal). She also loved her Sunday best outfits, complete with hats and everything! Her people miss her, and Flash was everything a sexy basset should be!

So that's it! You have made it through another round of sexy basset guys and gals! We hope your heartrate will get back to normal soon! Thanks to all our sexy basset participants, and if you think you'd like to have your basset be in one of our GQ/Swimsuit editions, check out cyberhound for more details!


  1. I love the way Flash's ears are kind of standing at attention. Molly does that with hers when she is excited. My husband calls it "flying her ears." We all miss you, Flash!

    Beautiful hounds all the way. I gotta get my 2 in the next "issue."

  2. Very sexy group indeed! I love that Charlotte pose!

  3. oh my gosh, you guys are always so creative, and this is another awesome, successful basset GQ!!!
    Hilarious and bassets, you were all adorable! And sooo sexy!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this. What a fun read. I love all of the pictures and the creative descriptions! Also, do you mind if I put a shout out here for Hounds Haven Basset Rescue in Iowa - that's where the lovely Maemae came from and they have several good looking hounds up for adoption right now!

  5. Not at all. We were thinking about adopting a hound from them at one point but he got adopted before we got our application in. Also check out Layla's 'Rescue Me' page at the top of the blog, she picks a rescue hound in need of a forever home and writes about them. Hounds Haven will show up there multiple times I am sure.

  6. Thank you so much for doing this – you guys are so creative – I’m sure it brightens the day of everyone that reads the stories that go to all these beautiful sexy hound dogs.

    Thank you Molly, I thought long and hard if I should send in a photo of Flash – I’m glad I did – and thank you for adding her in this edition.