January 20, 2012

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 44

It's so good to be back on my paws again! I had a really rough week last Friday. I did not feel so well and got sick in my crate. I felt horrible because while daddy was cleaning it up I got sick in the other room! Whatever I ate did not agree with my hound tummy, which is weird, because normally I try and eat everything that I can. So Layla did a Rescue Me post instead, which is just as good as Famous Basset Hound Friday. That way another hound might find their forever home!

But back to the Famous Hound part! This week's is a good one! We have known this hound for quite sometime now, and it's high time he got to be a Famous Hound. His name is Bowser! He is just a puppy! He can be a real maniac sometimes! But he writes his own blog and it is hard to read sometimes because he is still working on his spelling. He must not have a great typer like daddy! Bowser gets to play with his toys every night and he has a routine that must be followed no matter what. He was also one of our first basset GQ models! And he lives with fish! Although I think they are not really fish, because I have seen fish at the pet store and they don't look like this. But it's OK! We are very forgiving of mistakes with our Famous Hounds! Bowser makes me remember back when I was just a pup, full of energy and vigor! He loves his mama just like me! And he's our latest famous hound!

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Heeeeere's Bowsah!


  1. Bowser! Congratulations on being a Famous Basset! Just don't let it go to your head, 'k?

  2. Rosco! i iz glad you is bettah. its no fun bein icky! Fank yoo foh da "shout out" hehe

    An watch out for landfish. see, der is fish (pernounced...Feeeesh) in da watah, but my mama an dada have odder kind of stinky, stupid fish too. LANDfish. Dats does big long ones. Ebberyting dat is toopid or icky, is fish.
    *nod nod*
    I bet da cats at yor house iz like da fish at mine! ebberywhere an toopid!!! hehe *nod nod*