January 13, 2012

Rescue Me # 3

Rosco isn't feeling so well today. He got sick in his crate and daddy had to clean the mess up at his lunchtime, and boy did Rosco feel bad. Normally he looks forward to Famous Basset Hound Friday but today he just is not in any kind of shape to be blogging. So I put my paw on his forehead and said "No worries little brother, I have your back at Jowls of Fury". This gives me the opportunity to write another Rescue Me blog post.

This week's hound is Houston of ABC Basset Rescue. The ABC stands for 'All Bassets Cherished', or as I like to call it, 'What everyone should be doing anyway'. Houston came from Texas where he was a breeder hound, which means he had to make lots of puppies but never got to play with them or anything. He's got a funny accent because he is from the south and he spells his words wrong but don't hold that against him, he still needs a forever home. He uses words like 'rootin-tootin' and 'hunkey-dorey'. You know, the kind of words that drives Beaker crazy. But he likes the things that make him a hound: snoozing, sniffing, cuddling, belly rubs, etc. etc.

Oh yeah and the ABC people came to the waddle! Plus they have a humongous hound wagon called an 'RV'. I'm not sure what it stands for, but their hound wagon is way bigger than ours. I hope daddy upgrades ours soon because I would really like to travel in style. Perhaps Houston gets to drive around New York in it?

Anyway, there is a picture of Mr. Houston below. If you would like more information you can find his adoption page here. Hopefully someone rescues him!

Y'all's from the south?


  1. We love ABC and Shelly, they ROCK! From what I hear all Texas bassets were adopted and Shelly placed a plea to get some more rescue bassets to her for a huge adoption event happening soon in New York. Also, have you seen the latest news for the Hound House. We added an addition to our family and she comes from GABR. She is BELLA that is on the end of the year letter. Stop by and visit her on the blog. Also, we hope Roscoe gets to feeling better really soon. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Oh that's great news, hopefully Mr. Houston found a forever home! We saw that you added Ms. Bella to the family, she looks like a good addition and she has fit right in. Rosco is feeling better today, he is back to howling and tearing around the house, and he has kept all his food down and no more accidents in his crate. Look for Famous Basset Hound Friday to return next week.