January 23, 2012

Rescue Me # 4

So I have been checking all of our former Rescue Me hounds... I guess Livingston got adopted. I cannot find his page anymore, which is a good thing, I suppose! I hope he found a good home. Unfortunately Mr. Duke and Mr. Houston are still waiting on homes. But one hound in a forever home is a good thing!

This week's Rescue Me hound is named Cody. He is from Pataskala, Ohio, which is close to one of my grandma's house! Daddy has been there! Picking apples, he says! When he should really be rescuing hounds! Cody is being sponsored by Ohio Basset Rescue, which is a good rescue organization that has helped lots of hounds find their forever homes. Some of the people at cyberhound that we talk to have found their bassets through OBR. OBR also does a waddle each year but we have yet to go to it. But back to poor Mr. Cody! He needs a home, even a foster home will do. I think we should foster him! But daddy says Pataskala is too far away to go pick him up. So I guess he will have to find another foster home... hopefully with such a sweet face someone will take him and make him theirs soon. If you want to check Cody out you can find his info here, and more info on Ohio Basset Rescue here.

Hello my name is Cody

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  1. Ah, you guys are doing a good thing...but it's so hard to see those sweet faces and know they are homeless!!! Boo! :( I wish i had a huge ranch to put them all on with me! (Bowser would be SO jealous!)