January 30, 2011

Stupid TV Commercial Sunday #5: Hijacked!

Hey it's Rosco here! I felt so bad about not posting a Famous Basset Hound last Friday that I decided to take over Stupid TV Commercial Sunday for Bunsen! Seeing has how his last post was about an awesome commercial, I decided we needed to take this part of our blog in a new direction. This commercial can also serve as a belated Famous Basset Hound Friday post!

This week's stupid commercial/famous basset hound is from Comcast, who used to bring us the internet for our blog until we moved.

First of all, this commercial is obviously dumb because we go with DirecTV for our TV watching needs. It's also dumb because I know this guy from watching TV and he works for the US Postal Service, not some TV company. There's a difference. Thirdly, we hounds would never be fooled by the shady characters that try and sell TV packages these days. We are content to watch squirrels and bunnies instead of dumb people shows, but our parents seem to feel the need to watch things like the news and weather.

So there's your basset-approved Stupid TV commercial!

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