January 5, 2011

Weird Word Wednesday #1

Well, if Bunsen gets a day to himself each week, then I'm going to have one too!

MY weekly ranting will be about strange phrases. I hear a lot of them, and they have made me wonder how human beings ever get their point across, when the words they use don't mean what they think they mean.

The first weekly example is 'To Come in Handy', or 'It Came in Handy'.

People use this phrase to basically mean 'I am glad I kept/obtained/received some object, because it was useful for some task or objective I did not realize I would need to complete or achieve'. Rather than say that, they use some obscure phrase. I have been Googling my paws off for the last ten minutes and have decided that people just don't know how to use their own language.

What is a handy? How does one come into it? SAY WHAT YOU MEAN!

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