January 29, 2011

A death in the family

Our regular readers may have noticed that I didn't post a Famous Basset Hound Friday yesterday. While we still have a long list of famous hounds to showcase here at Jowls of Fury, I decided not to post this week, because I was feeling a bit sad. Yesterday I lost a very dear friend.

Let me introduce you to Monsieur Monkeyman.

Monsieur Monkeyman was a stuffed monkey toy that we got at Christmastime. He has a brother named Mr. Green Monkey. Both of them would talk to us and we would play fetch with them. Mssr. Monkeyman had only been with us a short time and he appeared so healthy, but Thursday night his health took a sudden and unexpected turn for the worse. He had a cut on his back that we could not heal up with our licks.

We discovered that there was some kind of infection or something in his back that made noise when you chewed on it. I tried to conduct field surgery and remove the thing. I got it out with success and tried to analyze it using my mouth, but at that point Mssr. Monkeyman passed away. Dad took him and interred his earthly remains in a safe place, and took the infected squeaky thing away from me.

Poor Mssr! We will miss him. We'll have to play fetch a lot more with Mr. Green Monkey now so he doesn't feel lonely after losing his brother.

In memory

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  1. RIP, M. Monkeyman! We're so sorry for your loss. We apologize for being so tardy, but we only just learned of your recent bereavement. We're sure M. Monkeyman will live on in your hearts.

    Jed & Abby