January 14, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #2

This week's famous hound is Pokey, from the famous dog-reality show Lassie! Once upon a time, Lassie was called 'Jeff's Collie'.

In this episode, Lassie meets an awesome dog named Pokey. Pokey gets a ball (which Layla and I approve of) from the kids, who were playing baseball. Not being content with just playing ball, Pokey also tries to play chess with some adults. Unfortunately, they had failed to set their chess game at an approved basset hound height, which led to Pokey inadvertently knocking the game over while he was trying to assist them with their next move. This leads to trouble, and insinuations that 'no good, floppy-eared hounds' might be taken to the pound if they aren't trained. Hopefully there's a happy ending!

I wonder why they didn't go with the obvious and name this show 'Pokey's kid, and his best collie friend Lassie, and a couple of grumpy old guys in overalls'?


  1. How about Cleo on The People's Choice? Early 1950's also.

    Jed & Abby

  2. Yeah, Cleo made our list. There are lots of famous hounds! She will show up on our blog eventually.