January 2, 2011

Stupid TV Commercial Sunday #1

So this is my first post to this blog. I wanted to wait and let all the other cats and dogs get their turn before I made my contribution. I've also been thinking about what I wanted to add to this thing, and I finally made my decision the other day.

I watch a lot of TV. TV can be a wonderful way to augment a nap (I take a lot of those, too). Plus, sometimes dad watches nature shows, which on our HDTV is almost as good as watching birds in the window. Once there was a show about lynxes, and I had to strut my stuff in front of the TV to show that big lynx who was boss. The outcome? He left.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of really stupid commercials on TV. When you are a brilliant cat (like me) stupid commercials that insult your intelligence make you wonder why you even bother watching TV in the first place. If I could figure out how to turn it off or on I would. Humans use a remote, but half the time the remote is across the room on the other furniture that I'm not on (I can't interrupt my nap), and the other half of the time I don't know how to operate the remote anyway. As I was holding my paws over my ears when a particularly annoying commercial came on the other day, I realized I had my blog entry idea.

So, I will be periodically posting what I like to call "Stupid TV Commercial Sunday". Clever, no? It will be posted on Sundays, but probably not every Sunday. Cat naps take precedence over most things, after all. So, without further adieu... here's the inaugural Stupid TV Commercial Sunday.

Residence Inn by Mariott commercials.

These have been on TV for awhile. They use people who are contortionists, balance experts, and other weirdos. While they are not particularly insulting to your intelligence, they beg the question: why would a hotel that wants you to stay there long-term use commercials that remind you of the circus? Do circus people stay there? Will there be a bunch of carnies at the complimentary breakfast? Will there be seals in the pool? Actually the seals in the pool part would be alright. Also, are there birds in a circus? I wouldn't mind having a room next to the birds. They could even share my room with me! And I bet there would be mice. I have seen movies with circus mice that do all kinds of jumping and dancing acts. I would approve of sharing my room with the circus mice, but the plate spinners and fire breathers can sleep in their cars, thank you.

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