December 31, 2010

My foot's fine

Just wanted to update all my loyal followers on my health condition. As some of you may have read (thanks to that dumb cat), I had to go to the vet's last month to get my foot looked at. They removed the bad part and had it tested, and it turned out I have cancer. Evidently there are two kinds of cancer you can get on your foot: the not-so-bad kind and the terrible kind. Well, we waited a few more weeks for another test, and the news came in yesterday: it is the not-so-bad kind. Which we kind of already knew, because my foot healed up really quickly and I was ready to run and play again that night.

So I got good news for the new year! Although I had to wear that stupid cone of shame, I turned out to be ok in the end. Plus, it was kind of fun, wrecking the Christmas tree with that big ol' cone every day...

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