January 23, 2011

Stupid TV Commercial Sunday #4

This week's stupid TV commercial is somewhat of a technicality, but it still bothers me.

Beggin' Strips

It's stupid only because it fails to capitalize on an obvious TV-watching market that also happens to love bacon: cats. Although we are a lot more casual when it comes to wanting bacon than the dog in this commercial, we, too, enjoy that crispy delicious greasiness. I always come out and make sure there isn't something that drops on the floor when dad is cooking on the oven. At least I used to, until the dogs came into the picture, making it a bit more difficult to get any goodies (they're like vaccuum cleaners I swear).

So anyway, this commercial isn't so much stupid as it is poorly marketed. I'm signing off, hoping tonight is a BLT dinner night.


  1. Hello 'deres Layla~

    Checkin in on 'da diva tonite~
    See yous soon!

    Anakin Man

  2. Why thank you Mr. Anakin. It's nice to have judges stop in and see me! I read your blog with interest, but I assure you I did not send you the peanut butter. I only recently discovered peanut butter this weekend - my mom made peanut butter cookies and they were delicious!