July 10, 2011

Stupid TV Commercial Sunday #20

Well this week's stupid TV commercial is enough to set the hairballs loose in my stomach. I am not an old enough cat to have seen the original 'Smurfs' cartoon, but I understand they were the sort of thing that kittens watched. Some genius decided they needed to spend millions of dollars to remake it with 3D. 3D is enough to do more than set the hairballs loose - you might as well break out that enzymatic pet stain cleaner you've got.

Anyway, the most recent 'Smurfs' movie trailer is our newest dumb TV commercial. Why? Well, watch it if you want to lose a few brain cells. More importantly, the cat is typecast as evil (and he sounds like he is mentally handicapped when he laughs). The fact that there is a basset hound chasing the stupid Smurfs in this commercial is purely coincidental - I wouldn't want to upset the tender feelings of the 3 hounds in this household (although a basset hound would probably be a good Smurf control system - they would slobber them to death and then eat them).

Smurfs. With Katy Perry doing a voice. Plus it's the first in a planned trilogy of movies. Hopefully I die before the other two come out. Watch the link below at your own risk.

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't click the link. I feel my childhood being sucked away and mocked horribly...in 3D no less.