July 22, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #25

I haven't ever gotten to write a Famous Basset Hound Friday before, so I knocked Rosco off the computer couch and took over the job myself. I have just the hound in mind too. She's strong-willed, smart, clever, sarcastic, and she gets what she wants. She's a classic basset diva from the early days of Basset TV. Her name is Cleo, from the old comedy show The People's Choice.

The only good clip I could find had more to do with the people than the famous hound but she at least gets a couple good lines. I can only presume it has to do with the writers wanting to let the human actors have a few lines here and there so they didn't feel too overwhelmed by her superior acting ability. She was also apparently a good stunt double. Anyway, Cleo was definitely a famous hound, and she's the newest hound of the week here at Jowls of Fury.

1 comment:

    This is the longest episode of PEOPLES CHOICE I have ever seen!!!!
    Cleo is my IDOL!!!!! There is a show on Sprout Network called NOODLE AND DOODLE.I was on the set last summer and met the producer Patrick Ziegler.
    His Mom was the voice of Cleo!!! He took a picture of me for her!
    LOVE THIS BOG!!!!!
    Chow for now,