July 29, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #26

Well it's been another hot week! I swear, sometimes I wish I didn't have so much black fur. Layla is more white than either me or Breezy, and she doesn't get nearly as hot as we do. Which leads me to our newest famous basset hound.

May I present to you Mr. Paul Newman, the One in a Million basset hound. He is all white (with a few brown spots) and he has a lot of tricks he knows how to do. He has even been on TV shows before and he gives all his money to basset rescue charities.

One in a million indeed! His tricks make me feel a little inferior, and his charity is probably better than ours (we only give our money to basset rescue once a year at the waddle, he is doing it all the time). But I feel a bit better knowing it is a fellow basset hound who is so awesome and not some other breed of dog. He has all kinds of videos and pictures at his website. I wonder if our web address could be www.awesomehound.com?

Anyway, check out Paul Newman's videos! He is a really cool basset, and he's been on TV, so that makes him our newest Famous Basset hound!


  1. We LOVE Paul Newman! I wish I could learn some of his tricks.

  2. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT POST!!!!!! I am turning PINK!!!!
    Tail wags to all,